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Good News to the World | Christian Gospel Guide


Good News to the World - Christian Gospel Guide

Good News to the World | Christian Gospel Guide


This is the world’s most valuable message, Which affects your life now and eternity. It turns mourning into dancing, And darkness into light.


What is Good News to the World?

Good News to the World is a Christian gospel guide that has been used by countless Christians for many years around the world to preach the gospel or to know how to receive the gospel. Gospel means “Good News”. It is very easy to say, “God loves you, and you need to believe in God”. However, why and how can they love someone, even if that someone is God, if they do not know at all who is this God and how is He related to you?


Who Needs Good News to the World?

We understand how hard it is to convey the whole gospel message to someone. We also understand how easy it is to miss important details. Good News to the World can definitely help.

Good News to the World can provide you with a clear guideline to help someone understand the gospel. It is clear and concise with key pictures and key bible verses to help you explain to people the very foundations of the gospel; what it entails, and most importantly, who we are and why do we need the gospel.

This Christian gospel guide also tells us concisely the most important news in the world. This news is of personal concern towards you and affects your present and eternal life. Because of this light of truth, a lot of people experience a precious and glorious change. They acquire the most valuable treasure in their lives, find out the meaning of life and enjoy an abundant life.


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Remarks: Good News to the World does not use Digital Watermark technology.

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Table of Contents

Author Bio

Daniel Yu was born in Guiyang, China, in 1943. During the WWII, Yu escaped the war-torn China with his mom to Hong Kong. In 1964, the Lord called Yu, giving him the vision to bring revival an bring many people back to the Lord. He reciprocated God’s calling. He left his job as a nurse, and became a full time preacher. In over fifty years, continuing to rely on the Lord’s provision, and living by faith every day. The Lord used Yu to build His church, and brought many people back to the Lord. Since Yu started his journey with the Lord, he has always been very close to the Lord. He dedicated his time to draw close to God, reading and understanding the bible .

Book Details

ISBN: 9789623130414
Author: Daniel Yu
Language: English
Length: 12 pages
Publication Date: