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Assurance of Salvation | Am I Really Saved?


Assurance of Salvation | Am I Really Saved?

Assurance of Salvation | Am I Really Saved?


One of my must-have books that I find very handy whenever I help new believers or other Christians to be clear of salvation. Each time I read this book, I treasure even more of His salvation and His promises to us. It has all the bible verses and explanations of the most fundamental truths to help us be confident to live an abundant life in God. – Jenny Lee


What is Assurance of Salvation?

Assurance of Salvation is a book published by Lifespring Publisher to help new Christians to know what it means to be saved, how to be clear of salvation, and what they can expect as a new Christian.


Why is Assurance of Salvation Important?

It is very joyous for someone to finally accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour; however, many new Christians do not know how to continue their lives as a Christian, or what they could expect as a child of God. This book outlines and assure new believers of their new identity in God and salvation through what bible states. It also answers questions such as “How can we be sure we are saved?”, “Can we lose our salvation?”


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Table of Contents

Author Bio

Daniel Yu was born in Guiyang, China, in 1943. During the WWII, Yu escaped the war-torn China with his mom to Hong Kong. In 1964, the Lord called Yu, giving him the vision to bring revival an bring many people back to the Lord. He reciprocated God’s calling. He left his job as a nurse, and became a full time preacher. In over fifty years, continuing to rely on the Lord’s provision, and living by faith every day. The Lord used Yu to build His church, and brought many people back to the Lord. Since Yu started his journey with the Lord, he has always been very close to the Lord. He dedicated his time to draw close to God, reading and understanding the bible .

Book Details

ISBN: 9623130937
Author: Daniel Yu
Language: English
Length: 36 Pages
Publication Date: