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Fill Your Heart with Life's Spring

 The Lord Said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and Life…” (John 14:6)
Jesus is the source of life. We should be familiar with His word, enjoy His presence, so we can live a life of abundance. We can offer ourselves to Him with purity and sincerity, and even gain many blessings. 
Life’s Spring Publisher was formed to share with Christians all over the world His Truth and Light through books. We treasure you coming to our website. May you enjoy reading our books, and may the words of the Lord enter deep into your heart to transform and uplift you.

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Life's Spring Publisher


Established in 1987 as Life’s Spring Publisher. It is formed by a group of passionate Christians, who want to build His Church after God’s own heart. We want to use books, hymns, and other audio-visual products to spread the gospel, promote biblical truths, and make apostles. 

How is Life's Spring Publisher books Different from other Books?

  • We publish books that are suitable for any believer to use to preach the gospel, shepherding more disciples, life skills based on the bible, following the bible on spiritual pursuits with other Christians, and many other materials to help Christians understand the bible truths to have spiritual breakthroughs and have everlasting revival. 
  • We not only publish books, we also publish many hymns. All the hymns are written by brothers and sisters in Christ using the bible for other Christians to worship and meditate. 
  • We sell our products to support our countless volunteer works globally to the many people we help who are in need. 


Daniel Yu

Daniel Yu was born in Guiyang, China, in 1943. During the WWII, Yu escaped the war-torn China with his mom to Hong Kong. In 1964, the Lord called Yu, giving him the vision to bring revival an bring many people back to the Lord. He reciprocated God’s calling. He left his job as a nurse, and became a full time preacher. In over fifty years, continuing to rely on the Lord’s provision, and living by faith every day. The Lord used Yu to build His church, and brought many people back to the Lord. 

Since Yu started his journey with the Lord, he has always been very close to the Lord. He dedicated his time to draw close to God, reading and understanding the bible . 

Lion Lam

Preacher, and church planting in Hong Kong for many years. He has preached in front of thousands of people, and brought many people back to the Lord. He has been to many countries to preach the gospel, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

Sermon Lo

Preacher, Light and Love Home NGO Service Advisor. He has been to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Fiji, Australia, South Africa, Madagascar, Botswana, Zambia, Republic of Congo, United Kingdom, United States of American, Canada, Mexico, and many other cities and countries for Non-Profit work.

Dadson Lai

Brother Li believed in the Lord in 1979. He graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He became an instructor at a middle school in Hong Kong as well as the editor of Life's Spring Publisher.. Currently, Brother Li is a member of the volunteer organization "Love Your Neighbor's Club in Hong Kong" as the President. He has been to many developing countries to preach the gospel and to plant churches.

Violin Chan

Sister Violin is the President of Light and Love Home International NGO. Every year, she goes with teams to visit and serve many different Light and Love Home locations around the world. She communicates with the local Light and Love Home coworkers of the different locations to understand the needs of the locals so that we can help the orphans and families that are in hardships. During every trip, she meticulously documents the journey with photographs as well as her own insights and journals to share with others. This can help those who have not been to these developing countries a glimpse of those who are in need, and to encourage them to also participate in future mission trips.

Sugar Tang

Sister Tang is a preacher. She has given messages and preached during large-scale gospel meetings and led many to Christ. She also has been to many places to preach the gospel such as countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North and Central America.


2010-2013年:Hong Kong Book Fair
2011至2014、2019年:Taipei International Book
2011年 : US Marketsquare International Book Exhibition
2012年 :Book Expo America
2013及2014年:Singapore Book Fair